When a beautiful day goes downhill

It’s always very hard to remain positive in a very depressive environment. It doesn’t matter if the sun shines, or if you have clothes and shelter, or you have the money to buy coffee and food…When the people around you shout, scream and cry, everything else crumbles. 

What to say to the guy who works twelve hours per day, coming home to work-less family? What advice to offer the hard-learning girl, who doesn’t want to work hard as she used to study? What to say to the mother who raised those two incredible different children under the same roof?

Sometimes, there is nothing you can say. Sometimes, the lack of silence is what makes things worse. So you just wait for the energy to calm down. For the anger and hurt to settle down. And than you can begin to mend the broken trust. To mend the broken hearts. To make people respect each other again, by giving them respect, for being who they are.  

CleanBirth.org in Laos: How $5 can save two lives

This year approximately 1 million women and infants will die of infection after birth. For every woman who dies 30 more suffer a debilitating illness or permanent disability… For $5 CleanBirth.org provides a mother with all the hygienic birthing supplies she needs to make birth safe….That’s how you can save a life!


This week as part of World Moms Blog where I am a writer and editor for our social good column, we are participating in our second annual campaign to support fellow World Moms Blog writer Kristyn Zalota’s non-profit organization CleanBirth.org which saves lives of mothers and their newborns in Laos.  Partnering with Multicultural Kids Blog and Girls Globe, we are coming together to help CleanBirth.org launch their crowd funding campaign to raise $7,500 to help train more midwives and provide sterilized birth kits to mothers in Laos.

What is so amazing about Kristyn’s story is how she saw a problem half-way around the world and decided to change it.  As an avid traveler and a doula, Kristyn saw firsthand through her visits in the developing world how many mothers and children die during childbirth from simply lacking a safe, sterile birth. Inspired to make a difference Kristyn began CleanBirth.org and…

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