Great morning ideas from Robin Sharma

Great morning ideas from Robin Sharma

Inspire yourself to achieve great things! You can do that this morning, so that this day, you will get BIG things done. I love listening to Robin Sharma, especially in the morning, to fuel up my motivation for that day. He is very contagious with his idea of making the world a better place and serving as a motivator and coach for so many people.

This is a part of my daily rituals, what’s yours?

Be in a good mood!

I love this website I follow them on Facebook, they are one of the pages that are still visible on my news feed, as they always have something fun, motivational and inspirational popping out. 

In these days of winter, cold and lack of sunshine, being depressed and down can be easy. But having fun, smiling at little things and sharing love is easy as well! You can decide what would be more beneficial to you and than do the right thing!

If you haven’t had fun this week yet, now is the time. Start laughing and send good vibrations in the world!

The IceMan

“The fridge is full and there is still nothing to eat” she thought to her self. “Just put the sneakers on and go the the bakery down the street to get some warm croissant”, the voice called again. She even forgot to put a coat on. Opening the front door of the building, let the cold air blow to her face and she took a step back, putting the hood of her jacket on the head. Her face wrinkled “Yeah, this is JUST what I needed, a blow in the face!”

She hurried down the street, not even turning to check if there are cars passing by, completely consummated in her own thoughts of how “This is just the worst day!”. Could not have gotten to the bakery more quickly than that day. The second she walked in, she took off her hood and exhaled loudly. The salesgirl smiled and pointed to the croissants. She knew this angel so well.

The pastry was just put out of the oven and the atmosphere in the bakery was warm and silent, calming her nerves and letting her blood to slowly stabilize. Sitting at the table, she saw the poor man who was always sitting on the opposite side of the street. It seemed he didn’t mind the wind, or the cold. There was a small pipe, just above his head, that let droplets of water splash his hair, right next to his shoulder. He didn’t even seemed to notice it.

homeless man on the street

People were walking by, running, in fact, in this weather; and yet this man was just sitting there, looking somewhere in the distance, not caring for the little droplets, hurrying people, or whether or not the wind was blowing.

He was just sitting there, like an Ice-Man, calm and cold, as if waiting for God to show up any minute now and take him away. Suddenly, a chill breeze got over her. She started to get mad at herself for being so into herself and not grateful for what she had. She bought two more croissants and walked out, pass the street and brought the pastry to the Ice-Man.

He smiled and said, “Thank you, Angel. I know this isn’t your best day so far, but don’t worry; the clouds seem to be clearing out from the sky, your sun will bring your warmth back to your face.” She looked up the sky, the clouds were not clearing up. There was no sign of the sun. But her thoughts cleared up and saw the big picture.

She looked back to him, relaxed her face and smiled “I know, I’m better already.”