Working non-profit

Few months ago, I decided to start my own NGO. I have worked in other NGOs before and I saw the opportunities they have, but do not take on. I always wondered why they didn’t work more than they do, since they had all the volunteers already working for them. Now, after few months in with my NGO I start to get the difference. 

First of all, it is not that hard to be noticed in the community. You can always find people who would like to engage in an organization. From the young, ambitious ones, to the older ones who feel that their job is not leaving a mark and would like to do something meaningful in their life. However, as time goes by, they begin to wonder off in their dreams and start dreaming something else (and you feel that you kind of have to let them go, even though you feel good that you put that spark for dreams in their hearts). So you are left with only a handful of members and volunteers that are fully committed to the organization. 

Now these members get that they are special. They are smart and valuable to the organization and want a piece of the pie. The situation with this organization is that, there is no pie for anyone, not even for myself yet. And in order to get the pie, I need to work triple shifts sometimes! For absolutely no profit!

Here comes the second part, targeting the audience. My audience is very broad. Young people, adults, workers, non-workers, women, children, elderly… There are things for everyone and doing it all by myself is so overwhelming. It is actually exhausting! No sleep, no food sometimes for a whole day, since I do not have the time for it. Incoming calls all day through and emails that just keep coming “Just one little question”…

That is the difference. The NGOs that I have been in before, know how to say NO to some opportunities, because the value of the opportunity is significantly small, compared to the value of the lives of the board. 

The other part is that, they understand that the members of the organization would mostly like to have the opportunity, not to do the work that much. At least, not on their own. They would always require help. And help can be given only by those that are running the organization…non-profit…and sometimes the organization is run by just one little angel….