Let’s put cancer behind us!

Research advances knowledge and that’s the path to obliterating cancer. For that reason, I’m going ALL IN to accelerate research at Fred Hutch.

Sadly, half of all men and one third of all women in the U.S. will get cancer in their lifetime.

We need that to stop.

More than 300 labs and projects are working hard to save the lives of people all over the world by conducting innovative, high-impact cancer research. I’m committed to supporting these labs so they can continue saving lives and can do so faster. Please join me in this fight.

It’s time for us to put cancer in its place. Behind us.

Ride with me, donate to my ride, and tell others about Obliteride.


Great morning ideas from Robin Sharma

Great morning ideas from Robin Sharma

Inspire yourself to achieve great things! You can do that this morning, so that this day, you will get BIG things done. I love listening to Robin Sharma, especially in the morning, to fuel up my motivation for that day. He is very contagious with his idea of making the world a better place and serving as a motivator and coach for so many people.

This is a part of my daily rituals, what’s yours?

Be in a good mood!

I love this website http://rawforbeauty.com. I follow them on Facebook, they are one of the pages that are still visible on my news feed, as they always have something fun, motivational and inspirational popping out. 

In these days of winter, cold and lack of sunshine, being depressed and down can be easy. But having fun, smiling at little things and sharing love is easy as well! You can decide what would be more beneficial to you and than do the right thing!

If you haven’t had fun this week yet, now is the time. Start laughing and send good vibrations in the world!

Start your day with the BEST ADVICE EVER

The foggy weather, no sun, have to wake up early and start your day’s tasks, but you just don’t want to! You are getting more unmotivated by the second!

You just have to find something to motivate you. And the best motivation for me, is feeling, not just listening, but feeling the wisdom from Jim Rohn!

Here is one of those short motivation videos I’d like to see to lift me up. But this one, is the one I play when I’m out of direction, absolutely lost and desperate, on the edge of, if not in, depression.

Hope this helps you too. Re-start your day, but do it right!