Great morning ideas from Robin Sharma

Great morning ideas from Robin Sharma

Inspire yourself to achieve great things! You can do that this morning, so that this day, you will get BIG things done. I love listening to Robin Sharma, especially in the morning, to fuel up my motivation for that day. He is very contagious with his idea of making the world a better place and serving as a motivator and coach for so many people.

This is a part of my daily rituals, what’s yours?

Today, I’m grateful

Grateful for the health, love, happiness and joy I experience every day. I’m grateful for the well-being of my family and friends. I’m thankful for all the success and happiness coming my way and all the bad times I’m leaving behind. 

Most of all, I’m grateful for the ability to learn and let go. 


Nothing can bring me down today!

This day has started so great, even before I opened my eyes.

I slowly got aware of that I’m awake.

Listened to the sounds of the world around me

The bus stopping just outside my window, the gas station saying thank you to another lucky customer, the dogs barking in the small park

I could feel that this day was just like any other day for everyone, but for me

This day

This morning

I am happy! And nothing can bring me down!

The best TRAVEL MUG ever!

I love coffee, I also love tea. But sometimes, when I travel, I can’t find a place that makes the coffee -just the way I like it. So, you can only imagine how I always carry a travel mug with me. Last year, I went to Greece and it was a loooong trip! We didn’t wanted to stop anywhere on the way, so that we can get there faster, and I was well aware of this beforehand. I knew that in order to survive that trip, I needed to equip myself!

I bought this travel mug, which now is my absolute favorite!

It was the constant theme of discussion and when I took it at the beach– Oh man! Did I get some laughs! 🙂 There were a couple of Italians at the beach that were on and on (two hours!) about ” Buta why wud you do a camera wit a coffee???”

The old man where we were staying, an old Greek guy was very suspicious of what I am carrying in the lense, until I opened the cup and showed him the coffee. Than he was “Ooooh, you girl, very smart, very funny!” He gave us such a great deal for the accommodation, I gave him the mug as a gift, which he so loved!

Now, I got another one for myself and it’s like seeing an old friend!

Even on weekends, like this one, when I stay at home, I fill the mug with coffee, instead of other cups. It starts my day with joy, great memories and laughter!