When I’l Be “30”

A Shade Of Pen

I love playing the “30” jokes.. I’ve seen a lot of people get put off when they’re told they look “thirty”. Well, is it that magical a number? I mean, “16” still has some zing.. “16” isn’t just a Goddamn number.. “16” is a “phase”.. if you tell a girl, “wow, you still feel sixteen”, she’s gonna assume, you’re complimentin her, but what about “30”.. Try and tell someone, “wow, you look 30” If she is fiesty and she’s got some big muscles, you might end up with a swollen eye 😀

No, I am not saying it’s the same all the time and everywhere.. We know how much the world is full of variety.. I’m not here to offend anyone.. I love oldies.. They’re the cutest bunch of alive people.. this is just a poem that has been popping in and out of my mind for a long time…

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