Be in a good mood!

I love this website I follow them on Facebook, they are one of the pages that are still visible on my news feed, as they always have something fun, motivational and inspirational popping out. 

In these days of winter, cold and lack of sunshine, being depressed and down can be easy. But having fun, smiling at little things and sharing love is easy as well! You can decide what would be more beneficial to you and than do the right thing!

If you haven’t had fun this week yet, now is the time. Start laughing and send good vibrations in the world!

Do you read “potato-chip news”?

This morning I’ve read this article on and found it to be exactly what I’m trying to say to everyone I see reading, watching and talking about stressful, harmful or angry-filled news! While reading it, I knew I had to share it with as many people as I can! Because, sometimes, we need to listen the same thing from other sources, so that what we hear sticks in our brains! Here it is:

“Potato-chip news” is news that’s repetitive, requires little effort to absorb, and is consumable in massive quantities: true crime, natural disasters, political punditry, celebrity gossip, sports gossip, or endless photographs of beautiful houses, food, or clothes. We all have a duty to be educated citizens, but potato-chip news provides endless commentary, speculation, and images, rather than fresh facts or sophisticated analysis, and information is usually sensationalized.

Most people enjoy potato-chips news from time to time—to track a presidential election or the Oscars. However, some are particularly drawn to material that makes them feel shocked, frightened, insecure, or indignant, and that’s what potato-chip news often provides.

Often, constant exposure to potato-chip news causes a kind of distress that can inflame bad habits—in the people are most drawn to it.

The subject of potato-chip news came up when I was giving a talk, and one audience member asked: “I’m absolutely one of those people who’s attracted to potato-chip news. What they call ‘disaster porn.’ I know it’s not good for me, but somehow I always watch. Plus I do think it’s important to be an informed citizen of the world.”

“Try this,” I suggested. “Get information from written sources. Seeing distressing visual images on TV hits people a lot harder than reading about it—also, you’re more likely to watch three hours of TV coverage than to read about a subject for three hours, and written news tends to be more informative, anyway. Or decide to watch for a limited time, like ‘I’m going to watch for thirty minutes to find out what’s happening, then I’ll turn it off until tomorrow.’”

Potato-chip news has two major downsides: it can take up a lot of time, and the bigger problem, from a habits perspective, is that some people feel overwhelmed and upset, and then they indulge in bad habits to try to make themselves feel better.

It’s stress, but really, it’s a vicarious, voluntary stress.  Spending hours stressed out in front of the TV isn’t the same as volunteering or donating. Feeling a high level of personal distress makes people feel agitated and emotionally drained, to the point that they lack the energy or detachment to help—or the energy to manage themselves.

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Have a great gossip-free day, filled with meaningful conversations! 

Is helping people out of style?

Yesterday my phone rang, and when I picked it up, I heard the usual “We are calling from the so-and-so poll company and we wonder if we can ask you a few questions?” . As a former pollster, I know how hard it is to find people to actually answer all your questions, so I say yes almost all the time I get this kind of phone call.

The questions were pretty standard at first: age, region, gender, are you happy with your local government, etc. Until, it started to get weirder with questions like: “Do you trust your neighbors? Do you think they would help you? Do you think the people in your country would help you?”

Wait what

It amazes me that after talking about this with few of my friends, they actually said that many of them do not trust their neighbors, do not think that generally people would help others. They were pretty much stunned that I didn’t think like them, and told me that just because I am a kind of person that would help pretty much anyone, most of the people not only think they do not have time to help, but they do not want to!

helping people 1

As the phone poll continued, in fact, as I thought it was about to end, the guy said :” For the final part there are few questions about volunteering”. I told him that he can answer positive to all of them for me, as I volunteer all the time, but he insisted to ask me everything. So:

“Have you done an unpaid work, voluntarily, in your community in the past 12 months?”Yes.

“Have you donated food, clothes, money, toys to charity organizations? “Yes, all of the above. 

exercise altruism

“How many times per year do you help elderly?” —Every week, I said. “But, I mean, how many times you would help an elderly person, who is not in your family, not your grandparents, but someone else” —-Every week, I repeated again.

“OK….um…How many times per year do you help youngsters?Every week. “This means helping young people, tutoring them, or helping them by giving them advice…” —-Yes, every week I help young people who are not my immediate family, or any family. 

“Uh…OK…than…How many times have you helped an handicapped person with administrative tasks, paying bills, buying groceries etc?” —-Every week.

And here was when I got really annoyed, he asked than:

“You do understand the question, right?”

Is helping people so unusual? Is it out of style or something? How can you be so surprised that there are altruists in this world?! But moreover, how can you keep making excuses and not be one yourself?

you can help

It doesn’t take too much time to help someone! While chatting with your neighbors in the elevator, you may find yourself giving advice to them, whether it is about health, business, education, relationships, it doesn’t matter. Maybe their children need a tutor for math or science and you can help them out. Taking even your leftovers from lunch and giving them to a homeless person on the street is enormous help! Putting your shoes, that you know you can’t wear anymore because of all the blisters they give you, in a bag and giving them to someone who doesn’t even have socks is exercising altruism and helping step-by-step to make your world better.

help assist guide

That’s right, it is YOUR world. It’s not everyone’s, it’s YOURS. You can’t expect your world to become better, if you don’t become better! Be a nicer person! Give without keeping score! Help those who need your help the most, and help those who have helped all their lives and now are too old to give more. 

Don’t make this world filled with untrusting, suspicious, bitter, overly sarcastic people. Start with yourself, and inspire goodness and humanitarianism. PUT HELPING PEOPLE IN STYLE, and make it stay there all the way!

everyone can help

Start your day with the BEST ADVICE EVER

The foggy weather, no sun, have to wake up early and start your day’s tasks, but you just don’t want to! You are getting more unmotivated by the second!

You just have to find something to motivate you. And the best motivation for me, is feeling, not just listening, but feeling the wisdom from Jim Rohn!

Here is one of those short motivation videos I’d like to see to lift me up. But this one, is the one I play when I’m out of direction, absolutely lost and desperate, on the edge of, if not in, depression.

Hope this helps you too. Re-start your day, but do it right!

The IceMan

“The fridge is full and there is still nothing to eat” she thought to her self. “Just put the sneakers on and go the the bakery down the street to get some warm croissant”, the voice called again. She even forgot to put a coat on. Opening the front door of the building, let the cold air blow to her face and she took a step back, putting the hood of her jacket on the head. Her face wrinkled “Yeah, this is JUST what I needed, a blow in the face!”

She hurried down the street, not even turning to check if there are cars passing by, completely consummated in her own thoughts of how “This is just the worst day!”. Could not have gotten to the bakery more quickly than that day. The second she walked in, she took off her hood and exhaled loudly. The salesgirl smiled and pointed to the croissants. She knew this angel so well.

The pastry was just put out of the oven and the atmosphere in the bakery was warm and silent, calming her nerves and letting her blood to slowly stabilize. Sitting at the table, she saw the poor man who was always sitting on the opposite side of the street. It seemed he didn’t mind the wind, or the cold. There was a small pipe, just above his head, that let droplets of water splash his hair, right next to his shoulder. He didn’t even seemed to notice it.

homeless man on the street

People were walking by, running, in fact, in this weather; and yet this man was just sitting there, looking somewhere in the distance, not caring for the little droplets, hurrying people, or whether or not the wind was blowing.

He was just sitting there, like an Ice-Man, calm and cold, as if waiting for God to show up any minute now and take him away. Suddenly, a chill breeze got over her. She started to get mad at herself for being so into herself and not grateful for what she had. She bought two more croissants and walked out, pass the street and brought the pastry to the Ice-Man.

He smiled and said, “Thank you, Angel. I know this isn’t your best day so far, but don’t worry; the clouds seem to be clearing out from the sky, your sun will bring your warmth back to your face.” She looked up the sky, the clouds were not clearing up. There was no sign of the sun. But her thoughts cleared up and saw the big picture.

She looked back to him, relaxed her face and smiled “I know, I’m better already.”