Deconstructing life purpose

Every year, around this time of the year, magazines and forums are filled with life questions: What is your purpose in life? How to find your purpose? Why some people have everything in life?

All these themes have very common guideline of how to find your purpose: get outside of your bubble, live simple, help others, etc.

However, this generalization does not really help. If it did, these questions and principles would be the same for everyone, for every day,not necessary to be repeated only at the end of every year. I have to admit to be guilty of going through the same questions and clicking on these articles. I am still searching if maybe this year some will say something different. But it usually does not.

Few years ago, when I was in a really soul-searching place, trying to figure out life purpose, I started to build some of the habits that are usually suggested: meditate, do yoga, wake up early, read more, live simply, help others, journal. All of these things, I feel, make me a better version of myself. Yet, they don’t actually give you your life purpose.

The only way to figure out your purpose in life is to actually figure out yourself first! Just saying you want to help others does not help you that much. How can you help others? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? I know I can cook, but it is not something I enjoy doing every day, so I’m not a chef!

The time goes by, year after year, your vision of life and purpose changes, you want to adjust to the environment and the culture you live in; to the surrounding, to the new people that come in your life, to the old experiences that shape your view.

My main driver in life is the fact that life is short. I miss friends and family who left, I miss old acquaintances, teachers, places… and I know that whatever I do right now is what my life purpose is. However I act RIGHT NOW is how people are going to remember me by.

This day is your life in miniature. If your whole life is based on this single day, wouldn’t you want this day to represent the best version of yourself? Of course people should improve themselves to be better than yesterday, and I do (finding that I want to be a better communicator, I try to improve my vocabulary), which is also a part of becoming the best version of yourself.

So I deconstruct my “life purpose” to a DAY purpose. My to-day purpose is a representation of my life purpose. I want to be someone who helps others, who leaves their ego in the back seat and drives others with encouragement to be the best version of themselves!

My purpose today is to help others: save lives, give good advice, give a smile, listen to someones story when they want to share it with you.


One thought on “Deconstructing life purpose

  1. “This day is your life in miniature”- That really helped me to embrace the whole chaos in my head, due to sommarise passing year and make decisions for the future. Thank you!!! And what if we minimalise to ” this moment is your life in miniature” ?

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