Hoarding space

Decided to set up a Holiday tradition for the first time this year, as I am spending these holidays alone, my family being far far away. Instead of the traditional shopping for myself, for others, friends and family, I am not going to buy anything this year. Well…almost.

I know that minimalism was a very popular thing in 2016 and maybe I am getting to it kind of late. There are a lot of projects for downsizing, de-cluttering etc, maybe for me it was a bit overwhelming. But I was asked if I am a minimalist few times this year, so I decided to embrace it 🙂

Searching for the different approaches minimalists have, I found one that talks about hoarding space; meaning hoarding space as substitute of hoarding stuff. I loved this one! I don’t own a lot of things, but I have a few plants around my home. As they grow (I do take good care of them), they need more space. I like to reflect on people as I think of plants. In our most basic need, we are very much alike, needing water, food, sunshine and…space!

So this is my new year resolution, oh, and also my holiday resolution. Instead of buying gifts (aka stuff) I am going to spend my money on experiences. But, for every purchase of a concert ticket, vacation deal, workshop, class, tour, I will give 10-20% of the value to a charity.

I did one of these and it felt great already!