I definitely trust mine 🙂


32 thoughts on “TRUST YOUR DOG! :)

  1. I trust both my cats and my dog, when it comes to humans. If they don’t like them, I will be at watch too. They have senses, we don’t have. Until now it has been a clever decision.

  2. I love this one. 🙂 I am a dog lover and strong advocate of any animal, sometimes less of the human kind when they don’t behave well. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for recently visiting my blog site. I also have some recent posts on my site with our animal pets and friends.

  3. Thank you for visiting my “Best Bible Blog” and “liking” my post on “base crime of the amalgamation of man & beast….”. I also “like” and I agree with “trust your dog” post – I’ve had several experiences where I had to do just that, but the one story that is very telling, is that my elderly spry dad would visit nursing homes and assisted living. There was an old black lab (9 yrs old) that was resident at the assisted living home. He would greet everybody at the door and was loved by all. One day he bit a “gentleman” newcomer. So the Director asked dad if he would take “Jake” – you know, something on government rules about biting dogs. So, I said, “Dad, I bet ol’ Jake had a good reason to bite that man” and Dad agreed. The sad part about that – Jake was doing his dogly duty in protected those old folk! It’s a shame to be rewarded evil for good, but especially for an old faithful dog. Jake lived with dad for many years afterwards before he died – and never bit once, or even come close, or even look like he would bite. So dad got the best of that deal.

  4. The poster says it all! My father was a very successful businessman who hired many employees. He never trusted anyone who didn’t like children or dogs. If, during an interview or during the training period he picked up on bad vibes, that person was watched very closely.
    Our dog Maggie is a rescued dog, a member of our family for almost a dozen years now. She’s friendly and happy…and if she hesitates around a person, so do we.

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