Today, I’m grateful

Grateful for the health, love, happiness and joy I experience every day. I’m grateful for the well-being of my family and friends. I’m thankful for all the success and happiness coming my way and all the bad times I’m leaving behind. 

Most of all, I’m grateful for the ability to learn and let go. 


Are you good enough?

A whole year passed by. And as the willingness to achieve something slowly fade away, the eagerness of her parents to push her around increased.

“Can’t you do anything right?”

“How can you just sit around all day, not even care about yourself?”

“How did you become so lazy and stupidly boring???”

Oh, the life of this 25 year old graduate has been dreadful, since the edging out she got from her friends. At least they were her friends, for more than five years they were inseparable. It was like the sisterhood that she never thought can exist for her. It wasn’t just the classes and studying. Oh no! It was the going out together, the talks, the hikes, the double dates, and long weekends in the vacation houses or the short holidays in the mountains.

Than all of a sudden, they all begin to argue and put her off. It was like in Kindergarten, when a girl isn’t wearing pink that day and all the others are, and they hate her because she “can’t even pull it off”! So frustrating and depressing. She began her usual technique, ignoring the little things. But things started to get bigger and bigger. It wasn’t just one person that had a problem with her, it was the whole bunch. The real problem was that they still held together, and did all those things they did before, without including her in! She had forgotten about the friends she had before them. She couldn’t find new friends, for the lack of trust in people she now had. She was so alone.  She forgot to care for her. Forgot to even care for others. Her boyfriend was trying to cheer her up, but he had his problems as well.

It took some time, but she decided to get out of it all. She researched some work online and found a suitable, easy and fun, project that she could do in her sleep, for one year abroad. She packed her bags and bought the ticket.

“Au revoir tout le monde! I’m going to start over!”