What Students Really Need to Hear

Inspiring, honest and true. The main event of school, preparing you for the real world, with real hardships, and real people. Discipline yourself to take responsibility while still young. You are the choices you make….make the choice to read this post. Pure wisdom.


It’s 4 a.m.  I’ve struggled for the last hour to go to sleep.  But, I can’t.  Yet again, I am tossing and turning, unable to shut down my brain.  Why?  Because I am stressed about my students.  Really stressed.  I’m so stressed that I can only think to write down what I really want to say — the real truth I’ve been needing to say — and vow to myself that I will let my students hear what I really think tomorrow.

This is what students really need to hear:

First, you need to know right now that I care about you. In fact, I care about you more than you may care about yourself.  And I care not just about your grades or your test scores, but about you as a person. And, because I care, I need to be honest with you. Do I have permission to be…

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5 thoughts on “What Students Really Need to Hear

  1. Those where words of wisdom, over coming fear, hardship, learning discipline, e.t.c. Very very true.

    I will say this, you might agree or not, but you ever heard about Adam Carolla? Anyways he´s a comic and in my mind with a brilliant train of thought. He used the words about how in school we have taken the gym ropes down. I still remember those ropes, climbing them while some encouraged you others laughed at you. But he made a great point by making this analogy to live itself. Life is that, hard work, overcoming hardships, people will laugh at you and say you can´t climb the “rope” and you have to be strong enough to say
    “Just wait and see” Or just don´t even say anything, just prove it to yourself if you think is worth it, if it´s in your best interest.

    In my opinion, as this guy says in a tone not suitable for all, we are creating a wussy society. Why do they give all kids medals now? Why is even a medal for participation? Is that really preparing the kid for grown up life, just not to hurt his feeling. I think that the more you hurt their feelings the earlier the better they´ll turn out. Can´t generalise since each will develop their own personality but in my case it didn´t served me all that bad when they hurted my feeling and got bullied in school. It actually pushed me to get a scholarship in English Literature with creative writing, and I´m Spanish! go figure.

    • If there is anything I can’t do is climbing the rope! 🙂 Lucky for me, my gym teacher did not made us climb the rope. He was the best volleyball coach in our city, so that’s what we did at gym classes.
      I did pretty good in school, but I did get my feelings hurt few times. It does wonders for your self- esteem, as you learn that not everybody will like you or the way you think, but you still have to argue, work and study to get the things you want. However, I do believe that more things can be done for children if you encourage them to participate in everything, so that they can find their niche [thus the participation “medals”].
      You don’t have to be great at everything, eventually you’ll find what you are best at, but what I loved from this text is that the teacher explains how you have to learn and work, not to be the best, but to get through the things you are not good at either. Never give up on yourself.
      Congrats on your scholarship! Happy you did not give up!

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