The Miracle of Seeds

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Seeing Possibilities

Do you remember the sheer delight of planting a bean in a handful of dirt in a Styrofoam cup and watching it grow as a child? There is nothing quite as wonder-filled as a seed. The variety of color, shape, fragrance and flavor contained within that tiny package is a miracle. It is spring now and miracles await to delight, inspire and calm the soul.
“In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.” ~Robert Brault
I remember the first time I planted my own vegetable garden. Enthralled with the simplicity of the seeds, I lavished them upon the tilled ground with great enthusiasm. Imagine my excitement as they burst forth in varying shades of green, tender shoots. Honestly, I was astonished and thrilled at the power I discovered in my own hands to cultivate. And I was humbled by the earth’s desire to give me…

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2 thoughts on “The Miracle of Seeds

  1. Yes It brings back old times. When I was a kid I would shoot bean out the window into the backyard with a pea shooter.
    A pea shooter looked like a large straw.
    We had lots of beans popping up in the lawn and no one knows how they got there…believe it or not.

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