The science of willpower: Kelly McGonigal on why it’s so dang hard to stick to a resolution

One of the best! Love this one: “Habits are really, really hard to create because they require complete automaticity. You need to basically be making choices in the absence of any motivation and it takes a long time to get that in place…. Anything that you do to create that identity can actually make it easier to make choices that don’t feel like deprivation.”

TED Blog

KellyMcGonigal_Q&A It’s the second week in January and, at about this time, that resolution that seemed so reasonable a week ago — go to the gym every other day, read a book a week, only drink alcohol on weekends — is starting to seem very … hard. As you are teetering on the edge of abandoning it all together, Kelly McGonigal is here to help. This Stanford University psychologist — who shared last year how you can make stress your friend — wants you to know that you’re not having a hard time sticking to a resolution because you are a terrible person. Perhaps you’ve just formulated the wrong resolution.

McGonigal has, for years, taught a course called “The Science of Willpower” through Stanford’s Continuing Studies program and, in 2011, she spun it into a book, The Willpower Instinct. The TED Blog spoke to McGonigal this week about how willpower…

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4 thoughts on “The science of willpower: Kelly McGonigal on why it’s so dang hard to stick to a resolution

  1. Very good points here! My resolution for 2014 is to visit and comment on a positive blog every day. At first I wondered if I’d have a hard time sticking with it; but every day it got easier because discovering so many kind and positive bloggers gave me more energy and good cheer! So I agree that choosing one’s resolutions wisely makes all the difference. 🙂

    • What a great resolution! I did not have it as a resolution, but I agree that there are many great blogs- even more great posts, so that when I open WordPress every day, it’s normal for me to comment on the posts I like! 🙂

  2. I have never done new year’s resolutions. I think it’s because I think they promote procrastination, as in “I’ll start __________ for new year’s.” Besides, I have never understood why a new day should be any different from the old day just because the year has a new ending number. That’s just silly.

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