The best TRAVEL MUG ever!

I love coffee, I also love tea. But sometimes, when I travel, I can’t find a place that makes the coffee -just the way I like it. So, you can only imagine how I always carry a travel mug with me. Last year, I went to Greece and it was a loooong trip! We didn’t wanted to stop anywhere on the way, so that we can get there faster, and I was well aware of this beforehand. I knew that in order to survive that trip, I needed to equip myself!

I bought this travel mug, which now is my absolute favorite!

It was the constant theme of discussion and when I took it at the beach– Oh man! Did I get some laughs! ๐Ÿ™‚ There were a couple of Italians at the beach that were on and on (two hours!) about ” Buta why wud you do a camera wit a coffee???”

The old man where we were staying, an old Greek guy was very suspicious of what I am carrying in the lense, until I opened the cup and showed him the coffee. Than he was “Ooooh, you girl, very smart, very funny!” He gave us such a great deal for the accommodation, I gave him the mug as a gift, which he so loved!

Now, I got another one for myself and it’s like seeing an old friend!

Even on weekends, like this one, when I stay at home, I fill the mug with coffee, instead of other cups. It starts my day with joy, great memories and laughter!


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