It’s Time to Begin

Came here for some motivation and healthy advice and I’m so happy I found this post!

Healthy You, Happy Me

If I could sum up this past month with one word it would have to be enlightening. I’ve been working on a few things (namely myself) and it appears that it has been all worth-while. I won’t lie – there has been struggle, and there has been resistance but without these, I don’t think we can truly change or become the people we want to be.

Since returning from Bali, I’ve been rushing here and there, eating, sleeping, breathing but not the mindfulness kind. The kind where the days roll by, and you’re on auto-pilot. Self care fell by the wayside and running late to work became the norm. Yet, there comes a point when you know something needs to change. I needed to take action. Instead of wishing, or waiting for things to get better or fall into place, I knew that I needed to just start DOING. Doing…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Begin

  1. Thank you for sharing and I’m so glad that this post found you. It’s funny isn’t it – often messages will keep popping up in the moments that you really need to hear them 🙂

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