I’ll be OK


So you yell at me again. And this time, you even have the urge to leave after you do. You leave me naked, cold and alone, just lying there with your words echoing through my head over and over and over “You’re nothing! I can’t make anything with you! I can’t make you feel good, because you can never feel good!” 

I can’t even cry. I’m all cried out and so cold. I just lay on the bed, waiting for you to come back. But you don’t. You don’t even want to come back. 

Luckily, I do not cry. Luckily, I think of what I need. What I want and need and have to do. My life is not near at the end, it’s just beginning. It’s evolving into something great! It can be! The potential is enormous!

Get up, dust off, and put some clothes on. Make some tea and add some honey. Everything is better with honey. 

I’m OK. But what will happen to you? I know have made a mistake. People make mistakes. I know that. I even journal all my mistakes so that tomorrow I can catch myself before I make it again! But you? Can you tell me you have never done anything wrong? Can you tell me that you have never said anything bad? 

Throwing out friends, family or colleagues because of some petty little thing they said, or done, or “might have thought” will leave you alone! Will leave you by yourself, fussing over the things you say, do or think. At the end, you will be sick of yourself and could not go anywhere for help! 

Me? I’ll be fine, I’ll survive, I’ll be OK. 


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